Pagan Figurines for the Israeli Hiloni

Itzuv Taasiah 250215_0551

Itzuv Taasiah 250215_0576 Itzuv Taasiah 250215_0572 Itzuv Taasiah 250215_0573  Itzuv Taasiah 250215_0557 Itzuv Taasiah 250215_0556 Itzuv Taasiah 250215_0558
Orishas are the divine spirits West African (Yoruba) Vodun Religion. These spirits embody human values, qualities and natural phenomena. It is a common thing to see people manifested by an orisha as part of a vodun ritual.

The masculine figure is a hybrid of “Ogun” – god of iron, blood and rage, and “The Shadow” (Ha’tsel) – an Israeli a nationalist, chauvinist, militant rapper that gathered and formed “The Shadow’s Lions” – to protect Israel’s honor and foil left wing protests during operation “Protective Edge”.

The feminine figure is a hybrid between “Oya” (lansa) – goddess of the Niger River, storm, women and change, and “Abad” (Ortal Ben-Dayan) – a fashionista and a radical social activist (leftist, feminist, Mizrahi) that wouldn’t hesitate using violence when facing social borders and “red lines”.

Extreme religious manifestation of the pagan practice and violence are inseparable. The project tries to expose the moral relativism concerning violence in supposedly humanistic Israeli Hiloni culture.

Further reading (in Hebrew)


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